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Blessings of the Hidden Seed Birth of the One Nation Gundars Ceipe

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Ražotājs:Moravian Church Mission in Latvia
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Gundars Ceipe (1966) is a clergyman and Head of the Moravian Church in Latvia. He has studied at several faculties of the University of Latvia, and is the holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s degree in Pedagogy. He is also a Doctor of Historical Science and the author of many academic publications and several books. His academic and research interests are related to spiritual reawakening movements during the history of European and global Christianity, and primarily that of the Moravian Church. Gundars Ceipe is also the Head of the Moravian Church Mission in Latvia, whose objective is to teach the people the forgotten history of benediction and to create a trans-confessional platform of friendship for Latvia’s many churches and congregations. As Latvia’s representative, he is actively involved in the life and work of the international Moravian Church.

In introducing you to the English translation of my book, I feel that are a few things that I should explain at the outset.

This book is the story of the one of the mightiest spiritual revivals in the history of the world, whose witness was the Latvian State, the direct heir to this reawakening. The primary target audience for this work is the Latvian people, which, due to its complex destiny and onerous years under occupation, has forgotten its own history and has altered and twisted its meaning. The objective of this work is to show and remind that people how the Holy Spirit intervened and participated in the history of the Latvian people. As a result of which God’s promises were “activated”, which are given provided that we do not forget God’s works and honour them. “This is what the LORD says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16, etc.

This work was written in one sitting and is the fruit of an abundant heart. The recognition it has found among Latvian readers may explain why three editions of the book have already been published in Latvian and why you are holding its translated version in English.

What is this story about?

It is about the passing of an apostolic legacy from generation to generation and about how the power of God manifested through the Holy Spirit resulted in the creation of a nation from a population of serfs.

The chapters of the book depict:

  1. The grim and hopeless situation before the awakening.

  2. How men and women guided by God carried out preparatory work in God’s field.

  3. The apostolic roots and the legacy of God’s power and work, which found an outlet for its continued manifestation amidst the Latvian people.

  4. How the Latvian reawakening began in 1739.

  5. How the awakening was consolidated with the founding of the Moravian Church in Latvia.

  6. The blossoming of the Moravian Church despite the repeated and wide-ranging oppression it encountered.

  7. The founding of a nation as God’s crowning glory and in dedication to his honour.

Although there are places in the world that remain obscure and forgotten, God has concealed his holy seed there. Likewise, the stones cast to one side by the builders of the world have been chosen by God as the cornerstones on which he built his kingdom. And it was from these very stones that God created the child of Abraham – the promised congregation of God.

This book has been written so that the Latvian people remember the source of their benediction. At the same time, this story is a testimony to humanity as a whole about what happens when a people decides to embark on a journey together with Jesus Christ; how words of prayer come to fulfilment in life itself, “...thy kingdom come!”

This is the Latvian people’s testimony to humanity that God is alive and is Almighty. It is he who deserves the utmost honour, praise and eternal gratitude.

Jesus Christ – our Lamb has conquered; let us follow him!

Wishing you an inspiring and captivating reading experience!